Zafferano is a company in which creativity and Italian design are the foundations for product design and realization of objects created not only to be functional and decorative but also to bring dreams and emotions to everyday life.

The company is leaded by Federico de Majo, who has designed tasting goblets, coloured glasses, porcelain and glass accessories since 2001. The products are inspired by the ancient tradition of glass but with an innovative interpretation.

Federico de Majo Designer

Federico de Majo has always been in the world of glass. He began his professional career in the family-run glass factory, based in Murano, developing light projects. Then he decided to found Zafferano, a company where design and glass manufacturing find the perfect synergy and expression.

Why Zafferano

It was born from the idea of ​​creating an Italian brand which accompanies and highlights those talents which give to our country international fame: design, wine production and haute cuisine.

Without neglecting the retail sale and the big public passionate about the taste of conviviality, good drinking and good food at home.

Glass processing

Design culture and deep knowledge of glass processing: Zafferano products are the result of the combination of this dual experience, which has been gained by Federico de Majo over the years of passionate work alongside the most representative artisans of the lagoon city.

Thanks also to this heritage of design skills, the company is able to offer a service for the creation of customized products, varying the production in the catalogues according to the specifications and aesthetic details required.