Initiative Description and Consumer Information

This is an online-selling initiative by Zafferano S.r.l .

Products offered and sold through the www.zafferanoeshop.it  website are governed by these General Sales Terms and Conditions. The General Sales Terms and Conditions have been prepared in accordance with legislation regulating contracts negotiated away from business premises and in particular in accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree No. 206 dated September 6, 2005 (Consumer Code).

Parties of the Agreement

The parties in this agreement are the following:
- Zafferano Srl, Viale dell’Industria 26,31055 Quinto di Treviso (Tv), P.I.:
03305480273, Capital € 115.000 i.v. REA 33102

- Customer: the entity (an individual or another legal entity acting for purposes not related to its activity) identified through the www.zafferanoeshop.it  website that submitted an order accepted by Zafferano Srl.

Acceptance of these General Sales Terms and Conditions

1. By placing an order according to established procedures, the Customer states to be aware of all the information provided during the purchase procedure and accepts these General Sales Terms and Conditions in full. Zafferano s.r.l  reserves the right to make changes to the General Sales Terms and Conditions by notifying of such changes on this web page. The applicable General Sales Terms and Conditions are those in force at the time of order. All changes will be effective upon publication on the website.

2. Upon completion of an online purchase, the Customer shall print or save an electronic copy of the purchase transaction and shall keep these General Sales Terms and Conditions, according to the provisions of articles 50 and following of the Legislative Decree No. 206/2005 regulating online selling.

Purchase Procedures

3. The Customer may purchase only products published in the electronic catalogue at the time of order, viewable online at (URL) http://www.zafferanoeshop.it/, as described in the related product information sheets. It is understood that the picture accompanying the description of a product may not be fully representative of its features, but may differ in colour, sizes and accessories respect to the one shown in the picture. All information supporting a purchase is merely intended to provide general information, not specifically related to the actual characteristics of an individual product.

4. Products are offered at the price shown on the website at the time of order. Prices are intended inclusive of VAT which will be shown as a separate item in the purchase invoice issued at completion of order. Prices do not include shipping and delivery costs; however, they will be displayed before order submission both in the shopping cart and in payment confirmation page and they are also specified in the order confirmation email, sent to the Customer.

5. All the steps required to place the order and enter into the purchase agreement are clearly detailed in the sequence of web pages on the website accompanied by explanations and explanatory graphics. In particular, it is recommended to read the withdrawal clause, which can be saved and printed at any time. Before placing an order, it is possible to correct any data entry errors.

6. Successful receipt of order is confirmed by Zafferano Srl via a confirmation e-mail, sent to the email address provided by the Customer. This confirmation message will contain the Date and Time of the completed order transaction and a “Customer Order Number”, to be used in any further communication with Zafferano Srl. The message will report all the data entered by the Customer, which agrees to check its accuracy and communicate any corrections that may be required according to the terms described in this document.

7. If the order is not accepted, for any reason, Zafferano Srl shall timely notify the Customer.

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