What does Zafferano offer you? What are its latest collections of coloured glassware, wine-tasting collections and porcelain? Discover how to combine collections to make your table fun, elegant, functional and always in step with the times. Our inspirations are ideas for tableware, solutions and new products from the Zafferano world. Follow us and find your inspiration too!

Over 15 years of experience

This experience has enabled Zafferano to develop new products based on a combination of artistic taste, research into new shapes, and careful attention to details and the choice of materials. With regard to the artistic and cultural aspects of materials, Zafferano stands out for its design expertise, as if it were an artisan workshop, and for creating innovative solutions involving the application of processes and functions.

Innovative glass

Innovation translates into adopting special materials, such as fine crystal glass for its wine-tasting collection or borosilicate glass for tableware. Such choices sometimes contrast with standardised market guidelines but are adopted for their important technical characteristics.

From coloured glass to porcelain

Ancient Murano glassmaking techniques have been revived alongside the contemporary and "democratic" introduction of coloured tumblers, as in the Perle collection.

This is also highlighted in the unique collection of Esperienze wine-tasting glasses, which have brought a whole new experience to wine tasting thanks to distinct ripples at the bottom of the glass, to the mix & match solutions of the Melting Pot collection and to the new porcelainware collections that offer original ideas in tableware.

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