The intuition that led Federico de Majo to design the Esperienze collection was that of amplifying the surface area with which the wine comes into contact so as to enhance the process of oxygenation. The ripples at the bottom of the wine glass, an international patent, characterize this collection of tasting glasses. This free crystal glass collection is produced in two different versions: hand made and machine made. With the creation of these wine glasses the way of tasting wine has changed. The placement of Esperienze in the world of tasting today has so far reached international levels and still represents an absolute novelty in this sector. These ripples, which by now have become the distinctive feature of this collection, facilitate swirling, oxygenation and the consecutive phases in the wine-tasting process up to the point where the perfect conditions for drinking are reached. The grooves formed by the ripples also enable the whole range of colours and reflections of the wine to be admired without having to tilt the wine glass.

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