Poldina Lido

Poldina Lido is the new special edition of the iconic Poldina. To affirm the uniqueness and originality of this lamp, Zafferano has designed a collection that combines the contemporaneity of portable lamps with the tradition of handmade, through the collaboration with a long-established factory in Civita Castellana - a village near Rome, where the art of ceramics has been practised since the 10th century BC.

The lampshade of Poldina Lido, characterized by a ceramic cover, is available in different colors and decorations, which are hand-decorated according to the company’s own design. Like the other models in the catalogue, Home has a LED light source, which can be dimmed using a touch button that also controls the on/off function. It can be recharged on the special pad, and its lithium batteries are replaceable. It can also be safely used outdoors, thanks to its IP65 rating. Set at maximum power, Home emits light for about 12 hours. It takes about 6 hours (at 1A) to fully recharge the batteries.

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